Patents provide a strong market position
Intelligent use of patents protects your business and gives you and your company freedom of action, lead over competitors and a stronger market position.
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Do you need assistance with your company's patent activities?
In Kanved Patent Consulting we have the experience, capacity and knowledge to advise you and your company in the field of patents.
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Get return on investment as investor
Do you need an independent analysis and assessment of intangible assests before you invest money, time and know-how in a legal entity?
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The patent business is a matter of trust
The founder of Kanved Patent Consulting is Nicolai Kanved with more than 15 years of experience in the patent business as European Patent Attorney.
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IPR conseling

Intelligent use of patents protects your business and gives you and your company freedom of action, lead over competitors and a stronger market position.

Patent filings

With a patent you may prevent others from commercial exploitation, you may attract investors, and you may increase the value of the assets in your company.

Is your idea novel?

Receive the answer in a thorough novelty search and obtain a solid basis for creating the scope of your patent application.

"In Kanved Patent Consulting you will always receive high-end counseling quality. We assist you all the way from your idea is captured to your product enters the market. Together, we make sure that you are well-positioned and have suitable patent rights in order to be in front of your competitors, and in order to obtain a market advantage as well as a strong market position."

Nicolai Kanved, European Patent Attorney

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) support your investments


Initial meeting about IPR benefits


Business strategy and markets


IPR counseling and customized solution


Establishing IP rights



Fertin Pharma

Fertin Pharma's proactive, business-oriented and intelligent patent strategy is a vital part of the company's efforts in developing food supplements and pharmaceutical products that support a healthier living.


The market for plantbased food products grows with increasing speed, and particularly when innovative, sustainable and extra nutritious products are made, it is important with an exprienced advisor who is familiar with the technology and business perspectives.

Anyware Solution

Anyware Solution's patent application was a central part of the business strategy, and it was actively used to attract the investors that was needed to develop the groundbreaking technology.


Strong industry knowledge and strategic patenting provide NordicCan A/S a solid entrance in North America.

For companies

Get your innovation converted into successful propositions, obtain a stronger market position and create a market advantage.

For investors

Receive a valuable analysis of the IP landscape before you invest, and be equipped to make the right decisions and avoid bad investments.


New sign by the highway

Finally, our light sign exposed to E45 is safely mounted on Advice House. With a location directly to the highway, Kanved Patent Consulting has a perfect...
European Patent Office

European Patent Office

Now it will be mandatory with video conferences when oral proceedings are held before the European Patent Office. In light of COVID-19, the European Patent Office has decided...
European Patent Office

Boards of Appeal

Boards of Appeal has issued the written grounds with respect to priority invalidity in the so-called CRISPR case. The grounds from the Boards of Appeal do not change the...

We have contracted with K2 IP

Kanved Patent Consulting has contracted with K2 IP Ltd. based in London. K2 IP is a company of very experienced UK and European Patent Attorneys. Only very experienced advisors with special competences are part of K2 IP.


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