Experienced advice and ambitious approach gain Brannatura a position in a hard-pressed food sector

Currently, the market for plant-based products is growing rapidly. When, as the Brannatura team do, you develop particularly innovative, sustainable, and extra nutritious products, it is vital to have an experienced patent advisor who understands the basic technology and business aspects

Any young, innovative company like Brannatura, making plant-based products, is entering a market dominated by such players as Arla and Naturli. That makes strong patents vital, especially when it comes to sustainable, nutritious products that Brannatura develops. That is why their collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting has been so important for the company.

“Patents are necessary in our industry, partly because oatmeal drinks and similar products are really a hot topic right now. We are developing something that’s pretty special compared to what’s on the market, so protection is necessary. Otherwise, the market leaders such as Naturli’ or Arla could copy us,” says Sander Sieuwerts, head of Brannatura since the company was founded in 2017.

"Nicolai has helped us with establishing a balanced patent protection. We made our own research on our ideas, but we could not do the deep research that he performed. Nicolai is very experienced and he is good at giving advice on various aspects, such as how to establish a balanced patent protection."

Sander Sieuwerts, director of Brannatura

Sander Sieuwerts used to work as a researcher on similar products for one of the market leaders, so knows how a large group tackles patent applications.

“I found that the researchers and the legal department hardly worked together. I can understand why they work that way. Researchers need to do their job and not spend time writing applications. But, if the quality of patents is to be as high as possible, it makes much more sense to work closely together. And that’s what we do with Nicolai Kanved,” says Sander Sieuwerts.

“For example, he helped us create a patent delineation. We ourselves looked into whether we could patent our ideas, but we couldn’t conduct the in-depth research that he’s capable of. Nicolai is highly experienced and great at advising us on how we can strengthen our patent. He also helped us with basic elements – for example, how to investigate things and how to write them down,” says Sander Sieuwerts in reference to the collaboration with Nicolai on innovation investigation and freedom to operate.

“Nicolai is good at understanding scientific language. In the team, our discussions involve a lot of knowledge-intensive language, but Nicolai grasps most of what we say and can quickly translate it into legal language. He is also good at grasping what we think and need – and providing correct advice as a result,” says Sander Sieuwerts.

Understanding a company leads to strong advice

The Brannatura team are still in the process of preparing a patent application. But there are many products simply lined up and waiting to enter the market. That is why it was so important to secure the first patent filings for the plant-based, sustainable food products quickly.

“We started by developing a number of products, including an oatmeal drink that is more nutritious than the products already on the market. The amount of nutrition makes it more like cow’s milk. We are also in the process of developing other products based on the same idea of creating products that are more nutritious and sustainable.”

“We expect the products to be on the shelves soon with a variety of flavours. They will be sold not only in supermarkets, but also in convenience stores and food service/catering companies.

Why did Brannatura choose us?

The director in Brannatura, Sander Siewerts explains why he chose to collaborate with Kanved Patent Consulting:

  1. Fast, flexible execution.
  2. Nicolai has extensive experience in the field of patents.
  3. He works very closely with his clients.
  4. Nicolai knows how to translate knowledge-intensive information into comprehensible legal language.

What tasks do we perform?

Kanved Patent Consulting works for Brannatura on

  • Advice on patent strategy
  • Novelty searches
  • Freedom to operate
  • Patent application filings and prosecution

Brannatura Aps - Facts

Brannatura is a plant-based food and beverage company. The company was started almost three years ago, and the founders of the company are former researchers for market-leading companies. Hitherto, they have developed plant-based drinks using oatmeal and other grains. They are also developing yoghurts and cheeses, similarly based on nutritious, sustainable products.

Brannatura was founded in 2017.


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