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Patent application played major role for investment in award-winning Smart Home Technology

Anyware Solutions’ patent application played a key role in their business strategy, and the company used it actively when attracting the investors required for developing the ground-breaking technology

Subsequently, the application was exchanged for a patent filed in the United States. That is now used in marketing and, going forward, will play an important role in the entrepreneurial company’s sales strategy and B2B negotiations for licences to use the technology.

Anyware Solutions’ Smart Adapter is the world’s smallest adapter for a lamp socket. The patented technology is fitted with built-in sensors. When the adapter is connected to Wi-Fi, it provides undreamt-of options for measuring and controlling for example, light, temperature, humidity, and sound in the Anyware App.

“The Anyware Smart Adapter™ is an intelligent, all-in-one Smart Room solution. You can easily screw the stylish, compact adapter into the base of a lamp socket. Then, when you connect Wi-Fi you gain access to a wealth of smart, preventive features that provide you with a sense of security,” explains Morten Bremild, founder and CEO of Anyware Solutions.

“For example, our solution enables you to prevent burglary with the advanced lighting control and intelligent sound sensors that can detect intrusion. You can also save money on your heating bill and receive a frost alarm, if the temperature in your holiday home is too low. An Anyware Smart Adapter™ can also send you a message if the smoke alarm goes off, and you can slowly dim and automatically turn off the light when a child is sleeping,” explains Morten Bremild. He also points out how crucial the patent strategy was to the successful development of the smart technology.

“The collaboration with Nicolai is one of the most important reasons we now have a US patent. His work on pre-qualifying and adapting the Anyware Smart Adapter™ so it could be patented means that Anyware Solutions is now in a much stronger position in a tough market dominated by giants,” Morten Bremild stresses.

Morten Bremild, founder and CEO of Anyware Solution

Patents are a vital part of any investment strategy

It took four years from the moment Morten Bremild came up with the idea of the Anyware Smart Adapter™, together with co-founder Jan Christiansen, to the time when the patent was issued - four years of countless questions and tough decisions. One of the first questions he asked was whether the idea could actually be patented.

“We simply didn’t know whether the idea was patentable. Nor did we have any idea where it was most important to seek protection and how we should go about it. But I knew for sure that a patent was crucial for attracting investors,” explains Morten Bremild who, thanks to a close partnership with Kanved Patent Consulting, established the correct strategy for the patent work.

“Our Anyware Smart Adapter™ uses existing technologies and sensor components that are not immediately patentable. However, after thorough and serious collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting, we succeeded in patenting the combination. The fact that we now have the patent is wonderful. But, even when we submitted the patent application, we knew that it would clearly legitimise our technology and facilitate discussions with investors for the further development of our Smart Home concept,” the entrepreneur explains.

Active use of patents in marketing

The CEO of Anyware Solutions, Morten Bremild, makes no secret of the fact that he initially saw the patent work as a way of attracting investors. Today he has shifted his focus and actively uses the patent in his marketing of the Anyware Smart Adapter™.

“The patent in the United States has boosted our company and paves the way for business with new, ambitious partners. Having good patent protection simply makes us more attractive, and of course we make active use of the patent in our marketing of the product,” the entrepreneur stresses.

Anyware Smart Adapter™ showered with awards

He is delighted that the Anyware Smart Adapter™ has been recognised with several awards, which naturally feature in the company’s marketing narrative.

“The Anyware Smart Adapter™ has won international awards such as the Red Dot Product Design Award 2019 and the CES 2018 Innovation Award. We were nominated for the Top 100 in the Startup Of The Year Award 2018 and we were a finalist in Danish Design Award 2020. Those are just a few of the awards our smart, intelligent solution has received,” says Morten Bremild proudly. He regards the combination of hugely positive press coverage and the strong patent as an important basis for the company’s forward-looking sales strategy.

Sales strategy aimed at broad market

“Of course, we sell the Anyware Smart Adapter™ in our webshop and through selected resellers and partners in the energy, telecommunications and insurance sectors. But, thanks to our US patent and the strong technological platform, we have started work on a new sales strategy, in which we will offer our technology to partners in the market on the basis of a licensing model.”

“This new opportunity is the result of the patent. Our technology is attractive to a multitude of partners and, due to the appropriate patent strategy and our collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting, we now have the patent rights for it,” Morten Bremild emphasises. He is also delighted with the long-term collaboration he has had with Nicolai Kanved, who also helped establish patent protection in Europe, for example.

Good advice – the difference between success and failure

“For an entrepreneurial company like mine, getting the appropriate help with patent work is crucial. Nicolai has an excellent business sense. He is good at getting to know a product and understands the dynamics of the market,” explains Morten Bremild who believes that the right advice makes the difference between success and failure.

“The collaboration with Nicolai is one of the most important reasons we now have a US patent. His work on pre-qualifying and adapting the Anyware Smart Adapter™ so it could be patented means that Anyware Solutions is now in a much stronger position in a tough market dominated by giants,” Morten Bremild stresses.

Why did Anyware Solutions choose us?

The founder and CEO Morten Bremild explains why he and Anyware Solutions have been collaborating with Kanved Patent Consulting for four years.

  1. Nicolai has an excellent, perceptive business sense.
  2. He understands the dynamics of the market.
  3. Experience with patents in the United States and Europe.
  4. He knows how to best protect our product.
  5. In-depth knowledge of patent strategies.

What tasks do we perform?

Kanved Patent Consulting works for Anyware Solutions on:

  • Patent strategy
  • Freedom-to-operate analysis
  • Filing of US and EU patent applications
  • US and EU patent application prosecution


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