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Do you need an independent analysis and assessment of intangible assests before you invest money, time and know-how in a legal entity?

In Kanved Patent Consulting we have experience with evaluating intangible assets and conducting novelty searches and freedom to operate analyzes that help in deciding whether to invest in a legal entity.

Our cooperation with investors

We help investors like you with:

  • Estimating the value of intangible assets
  • Mapping the economic potential of your investment
  • Novelty searches
  • Freedom to operate analyzes
  • Patent applications
  • Patent strategy
  • Patent surveillance
  • Patent conflicts

What is the value of your investments?

Intangible assests are often of high value in innovative companies. In order to get a more accurate value estimate, it is often critical to know the value of the intangible assets.

If a company has a patent portfolio, it is important to know the strength of the portfolio. It may be revealed that patents have been challenged by competitors. It may also be revealed that only very few patent applications have been issued by authorities.

Optimization of return on investment

With our experience in patent rights and our huge knowledge and know-how in the field of patents, we may give you a valuable analysis of your investments before an acquisition. We have thorough knowledge about valuation of IP and can help you making the right decisions. History has shown that lack of analyzes of patent rights may result in less optimal investments.

Why collaborate with kanved in the field of patents?

  • Counseling by a leading advisor
  • Experience with all aspects of IP from global companies
  • Get a valuable analysis before an acquisition.
  • We have thorough knowledge about the value of IP
  • We help you making the right decisions
  • Avoid costly misinvestments
  • Get a leading position in front of your competitors
  • We have a high number of successes
  • We have the knowledge, capacity and professional experience

The flow in your cooperation with Kanved as investor


Meeting for alignment of expectations


Overview of intangible assets


Thorough analysis of intangible assets


Reporting and valuation

Receive a valuable analysis of the IP landscape before you invest, and be equipped to make the right decisions and avoid less favorable investments.


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



Info about intangible assets

The value of intangible assets represents 80% of the value in S&P 500 companies. While the value of companies in previous years was mainly based on material assests, everything has changed. This is the reason why it makes sense to focus on intangible assets before investing in a company.
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NordicCan A/S is entering the global market for medical cannabis and has filed several patent applications in order to protect their markets.


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



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