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Farmer’s Window protects AR concept with international patent application

A smart, easy-to-use Augmented Reality (AR) concept will enable consumers to see where various foods come from, while shopping at the supermarket. To protect their idea and technology, Farmer’s Window filed an international patent application

Farmer’s Window aims to create greater transparency in the food industry, using Augmented Reality to provide supermarket customers with a valuable experience. Live streaming will enable consumers to see the conditions in which farm animals live. All they have to so is point their smartphone at the packaging. That is how the entrepreneur Philip Staib, the brains behind the technology, describes it.

“Denmark is famous for its high level of animal welfare. We treat the animals well and, whether it’s pigs, cows, chickens or any other creature, they live in healthy, decent conditions,” says the entrepreneur, who believes that the new cutting-edge technology can ensure Danish food companies renewed competitiveness and a head start over their competitors.

“The Augmented Reality technology will enable food companies to promote their excellent production conditions and prove that they are working according to, and taking seriously UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. Philip Staib explains that this will help make the companies more competitive in the global market. He has applied for a patent on the concept and received IPR advice from Kanved Patent Consulting during the process.

Infotainment and gamification will get consumers involved

The entrepreneur is collaborating, for example, with Niels & Grete organic eggs, which are sold in Føtex, Salling, Netto and Bilka supermarkets. Starting in April 2021, you will be able to download the Farmer’s Window app on the App Store or Google Play and find the Farmer’s Window icon – an eye with a farm in it – on the Niels & Grete egg packaging.

“When you point your smartphone at the egg packaging, you will be able to see the hens roaming around under the poplar trees on Niels & Grete’s organic chicken farm. You will see that the beaks are not trimmed, that the female hens eat roughage and green fodder from the organic fields, that the hens lay the eggs in a natural setting, and that Niels and Grete sort the eggs by hand. It communicates credibility and will persuade many customers to choose eggs from the East Jutland chicken farm,” says Philip Staib.

Augmented Reality provides great transparency in the relationship between suppliers, manufacturers and consumers Philip Staib identifies a clear trend. Consumers all over the world are becoming more aware of animal welfare and want to know more about products. That is why it was also vital, at an early stage, to apply for a patent on this technological, Augmented Reality solution.

“Our solution is geared to using infotainment and gamification to get consumers involved. For example, in next to no time you can see a 3-D animation of a hen. You can walk around it, look into it and learn about it in an easy, smart way that doesn’t require spending time scanning a QR code,” the entrepreneur explains.

“I can feel that Nicolai wants the best for me and my business. He is passionate about me as a client and always helpful and accommodating when I have questions. Nicolai acts as if Farmer’s Window were his own company and is proud of helping small start-up companies like mine to grow.”

Philip Staib, Entrepreneur Farmer’s Window

IPR advice targeted the patenting process

Using Farmer’s Window’s Augmented Reality technology is simple, easy and informative. However, in order to reach more consumers and make it even smarter, Philip Staib believes that collaboration with major grocery players such as COOP, REMA 1000, Carrefour and Salling Group is the way ahead.

“I’m witnessing great interest in the technology we developed for Farmer’s Window. Augmented Reality is the future, and I am delighted that the collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting resulted in a broad patent application, which will protect my idea and technology from being ‘stolen’. The patent application provides Farmer’s Window with a sound foundation: both for discussions with food companies and negotiations with potential investors and any grocery chains that are interested,” explains the resourceful entrepreneur.

In a nutshell, Farmer’s Window has applied for a patent on the smartphone’s intelligent recognition of a product’s packaging in combination with live streaming. Drawing up the application was a demanding and complex process, and Philip Staib is so glad he sought IPR advice and help on the patent application work from Kanved Patent Consulting.

“Nicolai Kanved is a true professional with extensive experience in the field of patent application. He helped me get to the heart of the patent strategy and taught me how important it is to formulate the requirements in the patent application to protect my idea broadly and optimally,” explains Philip Staib, who is confident that the collaboration will pave the way for a successful future for the Farmer’s Window Augmented Reality technology.

A penchant for ambitious entrepreneurs

Throughout the process, Philip Staib felt secure with Kanved Patent Consulting by his side.

“Nicolai is extremely detail-oriented. He makes sure things get done properly – even though I’m a relatively small-scale client. Together we got a handle on the patent strategy, and the patent application is perfect. It means that my competitors will have a hard time finding gaps when they start scrutinising the patent. It also provides my business with a great basis,” says the entrepreneur.

“I can feel that Nicolai wants the best for me and my business. He’s passionate about me as a client and always helpful and accommodating when I have questions. Nicolai acts as if Farmer’s Window were his own company and is proud of helping small start-up companies like mine to grow. He is thorough, skilled and detail-oriented. That means that we have a good position when we hit the market,” Philip Staib stresses.

Why did Farmer’s Window choose us?

The entrepreneur Philip Staib explains why he and Farmer’s window collaborate with Kanved Patent Consulting:

Nicolai knows everything there is to know about patents.

  1. He is shrewd, thorough and detail-oriented.
  2. Nicolai helps me as if Farmer’s Window were his own company.
  3. He provides expert IPR advice.
  4. Nicolai is always welcoming and helpful.

What tasks do we perform?

Kanved Patent Consulting works for Farmer’s Window on:

  • IPR counseling
  • Patent strategy
  • Patent application prosecution

Farmer’s Window - Facts

Founded in 2019 by the entrepreneur Philip Staib.

Farmer’s Window is a member of Sønderborg Vækstråd and supported by Sønderborg Iværksætter Service.

The company receives EU funding under the aegis of:

  • The LAG scheme (LAG Sønderborg-Aabenraa)
  • DigitaliseringsBoost Programmet

Norlys Vækstpulje Midt supports the project financially.

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