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What does a patent mean to your business? With a patent you may prevent others from commercial exploitation, you may attract investors, and you may increase the value of the assets in your company.

Obtain a patent on your idea and innovation and protect your business. In Kanved Patent Consulting we help companies with patent filings. In particular, we assist in filing European patent applications. We provide the necessary documentation and can assure that the application is drafted according to the right standards. Apply for a patent with an experienced advisor as your partner. From the first contact until the patent application is issued, you can be sure that we will do our best to protect your idea and convert it into legal language to protect your business in the best way.

Assistance with your patent application in Kanved

We deal with all elements of patent applications:

  • Adequate description of the invention in the broadest sense
  • Patent drawings in accordance with international standards
  • Establishing legal protection in patent claims
  • Global partners all over the the world
  • Filing and prosecution of European and international patent applications
  • Filing and prosecution of patent application in countries such as the US, China and Japan

The value of a patent application?

A commercial attractive idea may be protected by a patent. The value of a patent application is not always the same for an entrepreneur and a midium-sized enterprise. A reason for filing patent applications may be that you are to seek investors, or you may have seen that your competitors are active in the patenting field. It may also be that you intend to increase the value of your assests in your company or just wish to prevent others from exploiting your ideas. Basis for the value of a patent relies on proper drafting of your rights.

The extend of patent rights?

An issued patent gives you right to prevent others from exploiting your idea. Potentially, you may obtain protection for 20 years from you file a patent application. Your competitors and potential business partners have access to your patent activity after 18 months where the application by default is published. This may give you a competitive advantage with respect to engaging partnerships and may provide insecurity to your competitors.

Why choose Kanved for patent filings?

  • Counseling by a leading advisor
  • Experience with all aspects of IP from global companies
  • We have the knowledge, capacity and professional experience
  • You protect your idea, concept or invention
  • Patents provide a strong market position
  • You prevent others from exploiting your idea
  • A patent may increase the value of your assets
  • Patents give you a competitive advantage
  • A patent may attract investors
  • Patents may be upheld for 20 years

Get support and apply for a patent

We can offer strategic advice based on your idea or invention and help clarify your patent needs. Contact Kanved Patent Consulting for further information and guidance on patents - or if you have any questions about our services.

The flow in your cooperation with Kanved on patent filings


FIling of the patent application


Prosecution of the patent application


Grant of patent rights


Enforcement of patent rights


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney


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NordicCan A/S is entering the global market for medical cannabis and has filed several patent applications in order to protect their markets.
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Farmer’s Window

A smart, easy-to-use Augmented Reality (AR) concept will enable consumers to see where various foods come from, while shopping at the supermarket. To protect their idea and technology, Farmer’s Window filed an international patent application


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



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