Patent prosecution

After filing your patent application, the application is subject to a patentability assessment by the authorities. The right approach may be crucial to succeed and obtain valuable patent protection.

In Kanved Patent Consulting we help enterprises like yours with an effective prosecution process. We have experience with filings and prosecution of patent applications in various countries, such as Europe, the US and China. Particularly, we handle numerous patent applications before the European Patent Office on behalf of foreign clients. With an effective prosecution strategy of your patent application, we may give you the best possible patent rights.

Prosecution in Kanved Patent Consulting

We work with all aspects of prosecution

  • Filing of European patent applications by an experienced European Patent Attorney
  • Filing of international patent applications
  • Prosecution by an experienced European Patent Attorney
  • Global partners all over the the world
  • The best quality in prosecution

Quality in prosecution?

When the right application has been drafted, it is important with experience in procedures and legislation in the countries where protection is sought in order to secure the best protection. Although the principles are somewhat the same all over the world, national requirements and procedures will impact prosecution strategy. Often, experience with national procedures will result in the best return on investment and save unnecessary expenses. Prosecution strategy is always based on your expectations.

The broad patent?

An issued patent gives you a right to prevent others from exploiting your ideas. With broad patent protection, you may have a better chance to keep your competitors away from your invention. Often, quality is the only option to convince the authority on patentability of your invention. Usually, the best arguments for patentability prevail in the detail, technical knowledge and experience with counterarguments.

Why choose Kanved Patent Consulting to prosecution?

  • Counseling by a leading advisor
  • Experience with all aspects of IP from global companies
  • We have the knowledge, capacity and professional experience
  • You protect your idea, concept or invention
  • Patents provide a strong market position
  • You prevent others from exploiting your ideas with a broad patent protection
  • A broad patent may increase the value of your assets
  • Patents give you a competitive advantage
  • A patent may attract investors
  • Patents may be upheld for 20 years

The flow in your cooperation with Kanved on prosecution


Receiving an office action on patentability


Providing a reply to the authority with counterarguments


Optionally, more rounds with Office Actions and replies


Grant of patent rights


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney


  • Cases ·

Anyware Solution

Anyware Solutions’ patent application played a key role in their business strategy, and the company used it actively when attracting the investors required for developing the ground-breaking technology
  • Cases ·

Fertin Pharma

Fertin Pharma’s proactive, business-oriented, and intelligent patent strategy is an important element in the company’s efforts to develop and produce dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products that support a healthier living.


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



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