Patent surveillance

With patent surveillance you may keep an eye on your competitor's patent activity and your competitor's next moves. You may also keep an eye on a specific technology area and be on the forefront with developments in your market.

Kanved Patent Consulting always provide a comprehensive patent surveillance that supports your market position and development of new products. Patent surveillance makes it possible to design around your competitor's patent rights and makes it easier to protect and enforce issued rights. In brief, patent surveillance may support a maximum return on investment.

Patent surveillance in Kanved Patent Consulting

How we support your business with patent surveillance:

  • Patent surveillance in international databases
  • Patent surveillance of direct competitors, branch or product category
  • Patent surveillance with focus on a specific technical field or specific applications
  • Basis surveillance with monthly report and customized solutions

Keep an eye on your competitors

It may be important to follow your competitors closely. Both in relation to commercial activities and innovation activities. With patent surveillance you may for instance follow specific patent applications in order to see if patent protection is granted that may have an impact on your business activities. It might be that you wish to file an opposition against an issued European patent or that you wish to invest in a business that owns certain patent rights.

Patent surveillance is based on surveillance in national and regional databases. This may be the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the European Patent Office. Patent surveillance gives you a possibility to follow the steps of your competitors. Is your competitor's patent applications likely to be aboandoned or are they about to be granted? With the right knowledge, your may adapt, react and develop your commerical and innovation activities properly.

Why choose Kanved Patent Consulting to patent surveillance?

  • Counseling by a leading advisor
  • Experience with all aspects of IP from global companies
  • You may be on the forefront with developments in your market
  • You may be continuously updated on new inventions
  • Patent surveillance strengthens your market position
  • Obtain a solid basis for developments of products
  • Must have investment in order to secure maximum return on investment
  • We have the knowledge, capacity and professional experience

The flow in your cooperation with Kanved Patent Consulting on patent surveillance


Meeting with respect to potentially critical patent applications


Periodic search in patent files


Periodic reports on the development in patent files


Optional action on critical development in patent files


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



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CEO Nicolai Kanved gives an introduction to Kanved Patent Consulting and how we can support your company with patent work.
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Anyware Solutions’ patent application played a key role in their business strategy, and the company used it actively when attracting the investors required for developing the ground-breaking technology


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



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