Freedom to operate

A freedom to operate analysis gives you a solid overview of already patented inventions within a particular technology and geographical area. The analysis ensures your company an important insight into already patented rights to avoid future conflicts for your commercial products or processes.

In Kanved Patent Consulting we help companies like yours with freedom to operate analyzes with the goal to cover existing critical rights that may prevent your commerical activities. If issued rights are already present, we analyse the criticality in order for you to design around critical aspects of these rights.

Freedom to operate in Kanved Patent Consulting

Our focus in conducting freedom to operate analyzes

  • We evaluate a huge number of patent documents
  • We evaluate existing and lapsed patent rights
  • We evaluate pending patent applications
  • We conduct a throughout analysis of your patent claims and disclosure

Get an overview of your competitor's patents

If you consider obtaining an overview of your competitor's patents, you should consider a patent search. A patent search may be a novelty search or a freedom to operate analysis. A freedom to operate analysis is a comprehensive analysis of patent rights that may have an impact on commercial activities. The importance of a freedom to operate analysis is profound. Only in this way you may secure that your commercial activities do not infringe existing patent rights, and you may minimize the risk of patent law suits.

Patent landscape

If your competitors are patent active, you may get an overview of their innovation if you conduct a patent landscape analysis. With a patent landscape, you may obtain an overview of a new technology field based on your competitor's patent activity. Patent landscaping is a useful tool in an innovation process, where you may receive valuable knowledge about limitations and oppurtunities. This knowledge may save costs in the innovation process.

Why choose Kanved to freedom to operate

  • Counseling by a leading advisor
  • Experience with all aspects of IP from global companies
  • Get a valuable overview of issued patent rights
  • We map the extend of potentially critical rights
  • We will find the path around issued rights
  • We minimize the risk of law suits from your competitors
  • A freedom to operate analysis saves you time and costs
  • We have the knowledge, capacity and professional experience
  • Obtain a solid basis for protection of your idea

The flow in your cooperation with Kanved on freedom to operate


Meeting for discussion of the commercial product in focus


Outline of broad search criteria


Broad search in databases


Reporting results on freedom to operate


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney


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Ekstra Bladet – JP/Politikens Hus

When Ekstra Bladet in collaboration with several Danish universities develops new technology for the news media of the future, it is completely new in the Danish media industry. Accordingly, an effective and thorough patent landscape analysis in collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting has been crucial for them to be able to move forward with the project.


Nicolai Kanved

European Patent Attorney



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