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Bagger-Sørensen Equity

The investment company Bagger-Sørensen Equity A/S is new, but it has 107 years of experience as part of the Bagger-Sørensen family business, who founded the golden eggs Dandy and Fertin Pharma.
Pescatech - Kanved Patent Consulting 1


After having engaged with other patent firms, Pescatech chose last year to switch to Kanved Patent Consulting. Here, the engineering company experiences a more personal touch and specialized counselling.


Policy initiative to support growth with IPR. The Minister of Trade and Industry has recently launched a national action plan for intellectual property rights with 16 concrete initiatives, which must…

Ekstra Bladet – JP/Politikens Hus

When Ekstra Bladet in collaboration with several Danish universities develops new technology for the news media of the future, it is completely new in the Danish media industry. Accordingly, an effective and thorough patent landscape analysis in collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting has been crucial for them to be able to move forward with the project.

Environment for Learning

The vision of Environment for Learning is that the furniture in European schools needs to be aligned with the 21st century standards. In collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting, the company has filed an international patent application for a unique product, and so far it looks promising for the innovation furniture designer.

European Patent Office

The long-awaited decision, G 1/19 of the Enlarged Board of Appeal regarding computer-implemented simulations has just been published. The decision states that established case law in the field of computer-implemented inventions also applies to computer simulations. The decision contributes with a higher degree of predictability.

Farmer’s Window

A smart, easy-to-use Augmented Reality (AR) concept will enable consumers to see where various foods come from, while shopping at the supermarket. To protect their idea and technology, Farmer’s Window filed an international patent application


Aguardio has developed a simple, yet smart, intelligent solution that will help people around the world to take shorter showers, thereby benefiting both the environment and their wallets. In collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting, Aguardio has submitted a patent application to protect the idea and the green concept

New sign by the highway

Finally, our light sign exposed to E45 is safely mounted on Advice House. With a location directly to the highway, Kanved Patent Consulting has a perfect...

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