European Patent Office

European Patent Office

The long-awaited decision, G 1/19 of the Enlarged Board of Appeal regarding computer-implemented simulations has just been published. The decision states that established case law in the field of computer-implemented inventions also applies to computer simulations. The decision contributes with a higher degree of predictability.
Farmers Window - Augmented Reality

Farmer’s Window

A smart, easy-to-use Augmented Reality (AR) concept will enable consumers to see where various foods come from, while shopping at the supermarket. To protect their idea and technology, Farmer’s Window filed an international patent application
Aguardio vil sænke vandforbruget med smart løsning


Aguardio has developed a simple, yet smart, intelligent solution that will help people around the world to take shorter showers, thereby benefiting both the environment and their wallets. In collaboration with Kanved Patent Consulting, Aguardio has submitted a patent application to protect the idea and the green concept

New sign by the highway

Finally, our light sign exposed to E45 is safely mounted on Advice House. With a location directly to the highway, Kanved Patent Consulting has a perfect...
European Patent Office

European Patent Office

Now it will be mandatory with video conferences when oral proceedings are held before the European Patent Office. In light of COVID-19, the European Patent Office has decided...
European Patent Office

Boards of Appeal

Boards of Appeal has issued the written grounds with respect to priority invalidity in the so-called CRISPR case. The grounds from the Boards of Appeal do not change the...

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